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For Some Commercial Auto Insurance is Easy to Get …. For Others It Can Be Tougher

Trailer_TrucksMany insurance companies have a long list of qualifications that many small trucking firms have a hard time meeting in order to get adequate coverage for their drivers and trucks.  The goal sometimes seems to be to turn away business instead of working with you to help solve your problem.

The Mitchell Agency offers expanded eligibility for Express Delivery and Courier services.

For Those Where Everything is not Perfect

The Mitchell Agency, through Acuity Insurance, has a program that offers insurance coverage to companies that may not meet normal guidelines.  This program is designed for businesses where the class, vehicle types and driver characteristics might otherwise be unacceptable.

Do you have a driver with a record of chargeable accidents, a DUI or minor traffic violations?  Are you a sand and gravel hauler?  A scrap metal or salvage dealer?

Is your business just a year old or your trucks have some years on them?  These are all situations that can be considered through the Acuity Insurance program.

Expanded Eligibility

  • Motor Vehicle Records for all Classes of Business
    * Any driver with up to 20 MVR points
  • Truckers (Including Sand & Gravel Haulers)
    * Radius of Operations – up to 300 miles
    (600 miles, if meets standard trucking guidelines)
    * In business at least 1 year
    * Age of Vehicles – up to 25 years
    * Drivers Licensed for at Least 5 Years
  • Additional Classes of Business
    * Express Delivery or Courier Services
    * Metal Scrap Dealers
    * Towing or Wrecking Services
    * Auto Dismantling Operations
    * Salvage Dealers
    * Auto Transporters
    * Double Trailers

All clients insured through Acuity will receive the same claims service, billing plans, policy processing, and loss control services provided to other Acuity customers.

We Make Getting Insurance Coverage Easier

Through exceptional products and service offered by the companies we represent, The Mitchell Agency is able to tailor your insurance coverage to meet your specific needs, even when not every box can be checked.

JT Emerson

J.T. Emerson

J.T. Emerson
Give me a call at 765-742-1135 or send me an email at with any questions you have on our trucking insurance options.  I’ll be happy to find a way to keep you moving down the road.