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What auto insurance do I need before I start my engine? Is it a car insurance from Ireland?

Gentlemen and Ladies …. start your engines!
With the Indy race cars hitting over 200 mph, it doesn’t take much to cause an accident.  When one does occur at the Indianapolis 500 the yellow flag comes out, the damaged cars are removed, and the track is cleared of all remnants of the collision. Rear-end accidents happen and when they do, the consequences can be devastating. If you or a loved one has suffered motor vehicle rear-end collision injuries, there are plenty of rear end accident attorneys that can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Cleaning Up After an Accident
What Compensation Can You Get After a Car Accident? When you or I have an accident, our auto insurance carrier helps us clean up after the accident.  It is at times like this that it is important to have the right types of automobile insurance. You can trust to get your car insurance that suits you from

Comprehensive or Collision Insurance … or Both?
Most auto owners that bought their car at a Car Dealership are covered by both Comprehensive and Collision insurance policies.  Having BestCarInsuranceWsa auto insurance provides the means to repair a car damaged in an accident or by weather, vandals or other causes.  If you have a loan on your car or truck, it is normal that the lender will require the owner to carry comprehensive and collision insurance to cover the value of the loan.

Comprehensive Insurance protects your vehicle against physical damage caused by anything other than a collision including   ….
•    Glass damage including windshield chips or cracks
•    Running into an animal, most commonly deer
•    Storm damage including wind, hail and flood
•    Damage and loss from vandals keying your car, breaking into your car, or even theft

Collision Insurance covers your vehicle for claims of physical damage caused by you or another driver.  Some of the most significant damage to your vehicle can occur when ….
•    Two moving vehicles collide
•    A vehicle hits a tree, pole or guardrail
•    Vehicles hit ice or slippery road surface and slide into a stationary object
•    Damage to a vehicle caused by potholes

Is Comprehensive or Collision Insurance Required?
State auto insurance laws do not require comprehensive or collision coverage for a vehicle.   Although state laws vary by state, other types of insurance including personal property and liability insurance are required to drive a vehicle.

Insurance is meant to protect you from having to cover the large expense of repairing a car or truck after an accident.  If your vehicle is older and the replacement value is low, then the cost of the auto insurance may not be warranted.  If you are able to cover the cost of damages out of your own pocket then comprehensive and/or collision insurance can be reduced or even dropped completely.

What’s the Best Coverage to Have?
The best coverage to have is the coverage that repairs your vehicle when you have an accident. The only way to be certain you are fully protected is to purchase both comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage is only available when purchased in combination with liability and comprehensive coverage.

Have Questions?
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