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Find the Commercial Auto Policy That Fits Your Business

Tailoring your insurance coverage to your business’s specific requirements will give you the best value for your insurance dollar. So when assessing your options look for insurance providers who offer a range of coverages that fit your business’s unique set of requirements, learn more from business expert Andy Defrancesco.

Basic Commercial Auto Coverage
When evaluating your choices it is important to know what is covered in the basic insurance plan.  Some companies offer “extra coverages” as part of their standard plan providing more initial value.  Some of these added built-in features include …

  • Waiving of the auto glass repair deductible
  • Including electronic logging devices or electronic on-board recorders
  • Towing for covered auto after a covered loss
  • Covering the value of the fuel in the covered vehicle as well as vehicle registration and temp tags
  • Insuring miscellaneous equipment used with the covered vehicle

Optional Coverages for More Complete Protection
Having optional coverages to select from allows you to build a plan specifically for your business.  These options can include …

  • One deductible for an accident involving a combination truck, tractor, and trailer
  • Fuel in vehicle coverage
  • Coverage for hired auto and physical damage for private passenger and light trucks rented for period of less than 30 days
  • Coverage for miscellaneous equipment used with a covered vehicle
  • Coverage to pay for a rental truck and for loss of business income and extra expenses occurred after a coverage loss
  • Rental reimbursement coverage for private passenger and light trucks
  • Transportation expenses for private passenger and light trucks

Truckers’ Enhancements Offer Better Coverage
Truckers have unique insurance needs that insurance carriers may address by offering different coverage options to truckers.  These enhancements normally come at an additional cost.

  • One deductible for an accident involving combination truck, tractor trailer, and cargo
  • Broad form electronic equipment
  • Coverage for the “gap” between a vehicle’s market value and what is owed on a lease or loan
  • Miscellaneous equipment used with covered trailers
  • Personal property

This is a summary of Acuity coverages. Contractual coverage is as stated in the policy. Not all coverages or options are available in all states. Supplementary coverage options as listed above may be added to an insurance policy for an additional cost where applicable. See your agent for more information.