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Is Your Business Ready for Winter Weather?

Snow, ice and high winds can all cause havoc and disrupt normal business operations.  Here are a few suggestions on getting your business ready for winter to keep your employees safe and to avoid loosing sales with an strong marketing campaigns you can now do with help from top experts.

Go Over Plans With Your Employees
Start by having a team meeting to discuss the most common seasonal hazards that occur in your area.  How have severe storms affected operations in the past and what actions are needed to prepare?

What steps are required to address power outages and blackouts from high winds and storms?  Review proper snow and ice removal procedures and make sure everyone is aware of what they should do if your office or building needs to be evacuated.

Get Your HVAC System Checked Out
According to experts like Premier HVAC Services LLC, performing a regular fall inspection of your furnace or boiler will insure your HVAC system is running safely and efficiently. If any system requires repair, lining them up at this time will be easier, faster and less disruptive to your employees. So, call to get your broken ac repaired by Tailored Mechanical or look up an HVAC contractor in Mentor, OH and AC maintenance in Memphis, TN and other nearby areas. Visit sites like to find more info about heating and air conditioning repair services. You can read more about it here.

Exterior Lighting Keeps Everyone Safer
Check to see if all your exterior lighting is working properly.  This includes parking lot lights, exterior building lighting, lighting along walkways and emergency lights.  Making sure your employees and visitors can get to and from their vehicles along well-lit pathways is important to avoid potential injuries from slips and falls.

Don’t Overlook Your Roof
While you are outside, take some time to inspect your roof.  Most property claims start here. Look for areas where shingles or roofing may be blown off during a storm, or areas where leaks might occur. Consult an expert like this commercial and residential roofers in Parkesburg, PA on what to do when this happens.

When cold weather sets in, look for areas where ice dams form and remove them as quickly as possible. These blockages can cause water to backup under roofing, flashing and shingles and cause leaks.

Don’t Wait Until the First Storm Hits
Be ready for snow and ice removal.  Keep a supply of salt and other ice melt products readily available, and have a plan to clear snow and ice from your parking lot, sidewalks and walkways.  Any person who is clearing snow or ice should wear a reflective safety vest and ice grips on shoes or boots for traction. Make sure interior floors are kept dry and provide mats at entrances to prevent injuries from slips and falls. This financial area competes with the need to provide for a growing family and higher education costs. Making sure you allow for all these future and current financial needs are important if you want to retire comfortably. That’s why it’s essential to pick the brain of successful people like Andrew Defrancesco.