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Jack Bogan Jr. Celebrates 50 Years at the Mitchell Agency

“Take care of the customer and the business will take care of itself,” has been the business philosophy of Jack R. Bogan Jr. for the past 50 years.  Jack acquired this bit of advice from his own father, Jack, Sr., and it has served him and his company well since its founding in 1885.

Jack Bogan Jr.

Jack Bogan, Jr. sometime in the 1980’s.

Never Thought It Would Last This Long
Jack, who has served as President of the Mitchell Agency since 1985, has reached a venerable milestone in his business career that he never imagined when he started working in 1969 with his father, Jack, Sr.

Actually Jack began working part time in 1967 at TMA in the afternoons while attending classes at Purdue in the mornings.  Because of an untimely loss of one of the agencies key employees, Jack’s help was needed and he officially started on the job on June 2, 1969, even though he didn’t graduate with his degree in finance and economics until December 1969.  He was able to do this by arranging with Purdue to study on his own, take his tests, and not have to attend classes.

Jack Bogan Jr. in 1994

Jack in 1994

Fond Recollections
Some of Jack’s fond recollections of his 50 year career at TMA include how much carbon paper they once used prior to copy machines, rotary phones, adding machines, faxes in the office, and no computers.  He remembers, not so fondly, how everyone had to calculate premiums by hand using worksheets and paper and pencil.

With today’s technology Jack remarked, “Processing policies and taking care of daily business functions is so much more efficient, with fewer mistakes and requiring less time.  Perhaps the biggest change has been in how we communicate.  We no longer type letters, write notes, collect our customer’s premiums and send the payments to our insurance companies each day.”

Serving Clients in Time of Need
Insurance is one of those necessities that provides a sense of security, but is not really appreciated until a business or family suffers a tragic loss.  Over Jack’s career he has seen this first hand with TMA’s clients.  This included major events like the Even Flow silage fire, the tornados that hit Monticello in the 1970’s and the Courthouse bombing.  Jack also had the opportunity to visit National Homes’ manufacturing locations in the south and east early in his career to review their insurance coverages.

Jack Bogan, Jr. in 2019

Jack still at the helm in 2019.

Looking Forward to #51
Jack’s role today is providing guidance when asked on different business matters.  His hope is that he can help those working at TMA to avoid some of the pitfalls he experienced and to take care of those now working at TMA.  He is proud of the business that has been built and he wants to contribute to its future success.

In reflecting on his 50 year career (and counting) Jack stated, “I am extremely fortunate to have worked in an industry I enjoy, to have been part of a great community, and been surrounded by wonderful, bright, dedicated and fun people at work.  The friendships I have built while helping others has been very gratifying.”

Jackson Bogan, Jack’s son, and who has been with the Mitchell Agency since 2001, remarked, “I could not imagine having a better father, friend, mentor, and boss.  We could not be more blessed.  Thank you for taking care of all of us.”

Leisure Activities
When Jack does leave the office he plays and coaches golf, in the winter he does woodworking and woodturning, and Jack enjoys hunting and fishing on occasion.

Jack and Connie Bogan have three children, Ed Bogan, Telly Bogan, and Jackson Bogan.  And seven grandchildren: Tyler and Colin McNeely; Alexa, Halle, Jack, Elle and Olivia Bogan.  Jack and Connie will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary in September.

All of us at the Mitchell Agency would like to congratulate Jack Bogan, Jr. on his outstanding career and his contributions to the success of our company over the past 50 years.