Why An Independent Agency

An independent insurance agency provides its clients with multiple options that a single line insurance company cannot.

By representing multiple companies, an independent agency has the ability to pick appropriate products from a group of insurance carriers.  This means the client receives insurance coverage that best fits their specific needs.  It also allows an independent agent to compare prices from various companies and obtain the best value for their client’s insurance dollar.

iiabalogoAn Independent Agent Offers

•    Multiple Options from a number of qualified insurance carriers

•    Insurance products that fit their customer’s specific needs and budget

•    Unbiased approach to determining best insurance product for each client

•    Well trained and knowledgeable of the insurance market and available options

Because Independent agents work with so many companies, they also tend to have a better grasp on the different markets, and the insurance industry in general.  With all the available products on the market, you can’t give someone sound advice unless you have a good understanding of many of them.

Independent For A Long Time

The Mitchell Agency has been an independent insurance agency for over 125 years.  We have aligned ourselves with some of the top rated insurance companies (See Insurance Companies) which ensures we are able to provide the best insurance solution for your specific needs within your budget.