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Our Truckers’ Policies Offer Advantages and Enhancements

Running a trucking business whether large or small comes with a wide range of insurance and liability considerations. From replacing a cracked windshield with the help of professional windshield replacement services to more serious accidents, it is important that your insurance coverage is comprehensive and protects you from major losses.

Policies Designed Specifically for Truckers
With policies designed specifically for truckers, the Mitchell Agency is able to offer broader coverage in some areas for no additional cost. While for small premium increases we can add insurance enhancements that give you more complete coverage.

Coverages Included at No Extra Cost
These enhancements include above industry standard coverage with your policy at no extra charge. (Complete details can be found at Enhancements & Endorsements.)

  • Auto Glass Repair Deductible
  • Bail Bonds Supplementary Payment
  • Electronic Logging Devices or On-board Recorders
  • Knowledge of Claim or Suit
  • Reasonable Expense Incurred
  • Towing for Covered Vehicles

Truckers’ Enhancements and Endorsements
For a nominal charge, our coverage in these areas provides increased limits and additional coverages. Listed below are just a few of these additional coverages. (Complete details can be found at Enhancements & Endorsements.)

  • Airbag Replacement After Accidental Discharge
  • Accidents Involving Combination Truck, Tractor or Trailer
  • Broadened Bodily Injury to Include Mental Anguish
  • Fellow Employee Coverage
  • Miscellaneous Equipment Used with Covered Vehicle
  • Temporary Substitute Vehicle
  • Waiver of Subrogation for Written Contracts

See more additional coverages at Enhancements & Endorsements.

Tailoring Insurance Coverage to Your Business
Each trucking business is different. The basic needs may be the same, but we can tailor coverage that meets your specific needs when it comes to policy adjustments and additional coverage.