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Finding a Way to Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Summer

Across the nation, Americans are seeking to escape the confines of their homes and fulfill their desire to travel.  However, they must do so while abiding by social distancing guidelines meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus. If you plan to spend some tome in you home yard with you pets, we recommend getting the best invisible fence for dogs to keep them out of the clean floors.

RVs Are Becoming the Go-To Option

RVs of all sizes from camper vans to large fifth wheels are becoming the go-to option for families who wish to travel and keep their distance at the same time. They give families an ideal arrangement to vacation more safely and share experiences that will provide lasting memories.

Unlike other forms of travel, RVs offer a lifestyle where travelers are privy to their own bathroom, kitchen and living quarters. RV sales are reported to be up 11% over sales of last year.  This doesn’t include the many families that are renting RV’s to take on their outdoor adventures. This has led to RV rental sales doubling over previous years.  Low gas prices are also adding to the appeal.  This can make a big difference when RVs average only 8-10 mpg.

Spontaneity and freedom are other key attractions to travel by RV.  However, this summer with more families avoiding airports and traveling by car, spaces at RV parks and campgrounds may be harder to find due to COVID 19-related capacity limitations. Therefore some advance planning is required when overnight accommodations are needed.

Boats Are Also More Popular

Recreational boat sales have also increased by 25% over last year as time spent on the water is another popular way to get out of the house, enjoy the summer weather, and keep your distance from crowds.

RVing and boating allow families to travel the country and experience the great outdoors. Both are great ways to spend time as a family and keep your distance from others while having fun.

Stay Safe

As more Americans take to the roads it is more important than ever to “pack” your patience and allow for delays. If you’re using a car for your trip, make sure to get it checked by experts in professional auto services such as this bmw service and repairAnd if you’re going on a road trip using a motorcycle, then you should have the contact information of a lawyer for motorcycle accidents just to be safe. It is also critical that everyone adheres to social distancing recommendations in order to keep their family and others safe from the spread of the coronavirus.