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Transitioning from Landscaping to Snowplowing

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to turn cooler and the winter months are not too far off. For those businesses that switch from doing lawn care/landscaping to snow removal during the colder months, there are some steps you need to consider doing now to be ready for that first snowfall.

Making Sure You Have Adequate Snowplow Insurance

Snowplowing is NOT normally part of your commercial auto insurance. This means you need to have additional insurance coverage that covers liability and equipment when used to remove snow.

Not all insurance companies offer snowplowing insurance, so check with your agent to make sure you have the proper coverage. This can include Business Owner’s, Hired and Non Owned, Workers’ Comp, General Liability, Property, and Commercial Auto policies. For more on this topic go to Things You Need to Know about Snowplow Insurance.

Adjusting Employee Numbers

For many in the lawn care/landscaping business, the winter slowdown means laying off employees. This is not something anyone looks forward to, but is necessary. As an employer, you want to be sure to properly handle a layoff. If you haven’t done this before, you may want to seek legal counsel.

Employees should be aware of a possible slowdown early so they can do some planning.   Show you are concerned for your employee’s well-being, be honest, and treat everyone with respect. For more helpful suggestions in this area go to When Layoffs Occur.

Good Time to Take Stock of What You Have

As the lawn care business slows, now is a good time to get a good inventory of all your equipment. This includes tools in the trucks and gang boxes, machinery on the job site, and equipment used for off-season lawn work like deck railing installation. Some of this equipment could have been loaned out to someone, and you should account for your vehicles and their condition, along with  office equipment and furniture. Getting a complete picture of what material, tools and office equipment/furniture you have is going to help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Let the Mitchell Agency Help

At the Mitchell Agency we can help tailor your insurance program to protect against common landscaping and snowplow exposures including:

  • Business Liability Coverage
  • Business Property Coverage
  • Maintenance Equipment Coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Surety Bonds
  • Commercial Auto (truck, van, car)
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage
  • Pollution Liability Coverage
Vince Shissler

Vince Shissler

Our goal is to advise and implement the proper lawn care/landscaping/snowplow insurance program for your unique business needs. Keep us in mind at your next policy renewal. We’d look forward to the opportunity to discuss your business and its potential risks with you.

Contact Vince Shissler at 765-742-1135 or [email protected].