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Spring Break Airline Travel … Tips to Minimize the Pain

We all look forward to a nice spring break get-away, but not necessarily to the airline trip to our destination.  Long check-in and security lines, delayed flights, and the crush of hundreds of fellow travelers can begin or end our trip on a painful note.

To avoid some of the hassles of airline travel, here are a few tips on making that flight to your spring break destination more enjoyable and less stressful.

Getting Tickets Early
Purchasing your tickets well in advance is key to getting the flights you want at the best available prices.  Waiting until the last minute to grab that last available seat may find you on standby and paying an exorbitant price for your lack of planning.  Not traveling on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will also help you avoid the heaviest travel days. You may also consider hiring a private jet to avoid the crowd.

Travel Light
Minimizing the amount of clothing and other items you pack will make travel much easier and less costly.  Swimsuits and clothing that can be worn more than once and mixed and matched for multiple looks will eliminate the need to check a bag.  This avoids going through baggage claim and paying luggage fees.

Check-In Online/ Arrive Early
Going online, usually up to 24 hours prior to your flight, to print or download your boarding pass will eliminate one step in the boarding process at the airport.  In addition, arrive EXTRA EARLY at the airport.  Being there two hours ahead of your departure time is probably not a bad idea.

When you fly in one of Jettly‘s chartered jet, you will have access to a private terminal or lounge to relax in before you board your flight. These exclusive areas will allow you to prepare for your flight in a quiet and stress-free manner.
Sunscreen is a Lotion
TSA regulations will not let you carry on a regular sized container of sunscreen.  Liquids that are carried on a plane must be in a one quart-sized zip top bag and each item has to be 3.4 ounces or less.  Anything larger will need to be placed in checked baggage or left behind.   Best bet is to visit a convenience store once you’ve arrived at your destination to pick up the SPF 30.

Upon Arrival at Your Hotel
Arriving at your hotel prior to your room being ready can be a major inconvenience.  Make the best of this situation by having your bathing suit handy so you can lounge by the pool until you can get into your room.  Most hotels will store your luggage until you check in.

Safeguard Your Valuables
Take advantage of the safe in your hotel room to store passports, travel documents, cell phones and extra cash.  Change the code to your safe daily and don’t write it down on paper in the hotel room.  Expensive watches and jewelry should be left at home.

Travel Apps Can Be Very Helpful
Familiarize yourself with a couple of travel apps prior to departing.  Knowing how to change a flight or find a restaurant of your liking can be made much easier with KAYAK, YELP and other popular travel apps.

Remember the Goal
The goal of your spring break get-away is to enjoy the nicer weather, relax, have some fun, and return home refreshed.  Don’t let the vagaries of air travel ruin your vacation.  Be patient, stay calm and enjoy your time in the sun!