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Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Families with Kids

Some say the “joy is in the journey”.  Whoever said this did not have three young children in their car seats, all wanting something different, and all wanting to know, “when will we be there”.  

Visiting family makes the holidays special, but getting to your destination may not be the most pleasant part of the journey, especially when traveling with young children.

Here are a few suggestions on how to make the drive to grandma’s house a little more pleasant for all involved.

Plan Now for Less Chaos Later
The more planning you do prior to your trip, the less chaos you’ll contend with during the trip. If you’re driving, plan where you’ll stop for bathroom, gas and meal breaks.  Check your intended route for construction delays and potential inclement weather.  Having a GPS available that will show you alternative routes can also be very helpful.

Bring all the Necessities
Traveling with children entails taking a lot of stuff. Don’t forget their favorite stuffed animal or blanket and make sure you have enough drinks and snacks.  Stock up on healthy snacks like granola bars, fruit and nuts for car rides or flights.  Take extra in case there is a problem and you are stuck on the road longer than expected.  Don’t forget garbage bags, baby wipes, and paper towels, to help with the inevitable spill.

Keep Everyone Occupied
Kids can get bored driving long distances, so prepare by bringing all types of music, movies from sites such as gomovies 123 free, books, and games to keep them occupied. Tablets and smartphones can also be helpful and portable for keeping children busy. Be sure to grab any essential power cords and batteries (including USB adaptors, if needed), as well as head phones. Low-tech options include driving games such as I-Spy, looking for red cars, or counting exits.

Take a Break
It’s a good idea to stop every two hours to stretch, take a bathroom break, and exercise to get the blood flowing. Kids can especially benefit by running around, even for just a few minutes.

Be Patient on Your Journey
Traveling with young children on longer trips can be very trying, especially if the trip takes longer than expected.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday expect to hit traffic and for your trip to take longer than normal.  Build in extra time to reach your destination so you minimize the stress on everyone.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving
All of us on the Mitchell Team would like to wish our many clients, friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving.