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Every business, regardless of the industry, seeks to set itself apart from their competition.  This is an important step in determining what to communicate to your potential customers and why individuals choose who they buy from or whose services they use.  Key competitive differentiators are often technology, price, claims of outstanding service or quality, location, etc.

Why Choose The Mitchell Agency?

So what makes the Mitchell Agency different from the many insurance agencies in our community?

Integral Part of Our Customer’s Business
It starts with the Mitchell Agency’s goal to become an integral part of our client’s business planning process. By committing to the long term success of our clients, they know that we are working in their best interest.  Over time the Mitchell Agency becomes a trusted planning partner.  Someone who will continue to proactively find ways to make their insurance coverage work for them.

Top Rated Insurance Companies
Like the Mitchell Agency, there are a number of independent insurance agencies in our community.  What helps us stand apart are the top rated insurance carriers we represent.  Being able to call on the resources and knowledge of the top insurance companies in the United States ensures our clients only deal with the best.

125 Years in Our Community
Longevity says a lot about how a company is perceived.  With over 125 years of serving the business and personal insurance needs of our clients, the Mitchell Agency has an established track record of success.  Our long term commitment to our community has given our customers the confidence that we will be there when they need us.

Standout Customer Service
When the need for a claim arises available customer support is critical.  The Mitchell Agency’s trained and experienced Customer Service Representatives are available to answer your questions and handle your claims quickly and accurately.  There is no better testimony to this than our “99% Client Retention Rate”.

Learn More
For more information on how the Mitchell Agency can become your “Trusted Planning Partner” please Contact Us or give us a call at 765-742-1135.