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Tracy Layton — Inspired to Help Others

Getting to Know Us
The Mitchell Agency Team is made up of a group of professionals that know their industry and clients well.  They are knowledgeable, dedicated and always work with the client’s best interest in mind.  They are also fun loving, have some interesting hobbies, and give back to our community in many different ways.

In our profiles of our team members, you’ll get to know more about the many facets of the Mitchell Agency Team.


Tracy Layton — Inspired to Help Others

Tracy Layton at her desk

Tracy Layton

Tracy Layton’s family home was destroyed by fire during her junior year in high school. Her family was left with nothing and had to start all over again. She remembers it as an emotional and tough time. But this tragic event also inspired Tracy to go into the insurance industry with the goal to help others get their lives back together following a loss.

Tracy went on to obtain a Bachelors of Insurance and Risk Management degree from Indiana State University and has been in the insurance industry for a number of years. She joined the Mitchell Agency team in August 2015 as a licensed Commercial Lines account manager. Tracy works closely with local contractors, farmers and small business owners.

What Tracy enjoys most about her role at the Mitchell Agency is, “the energetic positive attitude that all her co-workers exhibit and their willingness to help each other.”

An Outdoors Enthusiast
Tracy enjoys being outdoors and can be found camping, hiking, kayaking and hanging out on their house boat almost every weekend during the summer.

Tracy has two children … Karlie, who is working full time while pursuing a Master’s degree at Ball State; and Jay, a junior in high school, who loves to play basketball. Tracy also mentioned that Karlie will be getting married in June, so she is busy helping with the wedding details.