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Achieving Happiness in Life


We all realize that being happy 100% of the time is not realistic. Life has its moments that bring sadness and sorrow into our lives.   But being happy most of the time is something we all strive to achieve.

And while not being able to control every circumstance we encounter can lead to some not so happy moments, there are several research studies that identify actions we can take to increase our happiness.

Maintain a Close Circle of Friends
Relationships have been found to be the most important factor when it comes to being happy for life. Having close friends studies show also leads to a healthier and longer life.

National surveys have found that people who have five or more friends with whom they can discuss important problems with are 60 percent more likely to say that they are ‘very happy’.

Think of Yourself Less
We hear people constantly talking about their or someone else’s self-esteem. Having good self-esteem is a factor in being happy, but too much self-esteem can lead to placing undue pressure and expectations on ourselves. C.S. Lewis wrote, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

Studies show that those who do not tie their self-esteem as strongly to external motivators like job success, appearance, grades and money tend to have less ups and downs emotionally and are generally more happy as a result.

Focus on Experiences
Research shows that most people are far happier when buying experiences vs. buying material goods. Also planning for future activities adds to the fun. Being able to look forward to an event like a nice dinner or vacation prolongs the feeling of happiness associated with it.

The reasons that experiences exceed purchases on the happiness scale is that they can be relived and shared for years; experiences are unique and sometimes get us out of our comfort zone, which makes them more memorable; and experiences are social events that we share with others.

Exercise Regularly
Why can’t we be happy without sweating? Because numerous studies show that exercise increases your energy levels, lowers stress and improves self-image, even if the physical results are not overly evident.

Research suggests that a high-intensity workout for just seven minutes can offer a number of health benefits. The release of endorphins provides a sense of well being and the physiological benefits for your heart, lungs and muscles are well known.

Pursue Your Dreams Now
We all have busy lives and reasons for putting our own dreams and goals aside. But the most common regret of those who are older is that many of their dreams went unfulfilled due to choices they made.   This wasn’t their intent, but one day blended into the next, and “someday” passed by, and the opportunity to follow their own calling went unanswered.

In The Top Five Regrets of the Dying you’ll see what so many believe to be the experiences that lead to a more fulfilling life.

Being Happy is a Choice
There are many other factors that go into living a happy and healthy life, but ultimately being happy is a choice we each make.

So start each day with a smile, twenty push-ups, a call to a friend, and the commitment to aspire to do those things that really matter to you.

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