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The Extras Only an Independent Insurance Agent Can Offer

Acquiring insurance today can be done in multiple ways.  Through an agent who works for one insurance company, online direct to an insurance company, or through an independent agency that represents multiple insurance companies.

Of all these approaches there is only one where the insurance agent is working directly on your behalf. That is the independent agent who has the ability to meet your specific needs through multiple insurance products and companies. They are not obligated to sell insurance products offered by just one company.

“You’ll get personal service and advice from a highly-trained professional who has your best interests in mind.”

By representing multiple companies, an independent agency can provide an unbiased approach when selecting appropriate products from a group of insurance carriers. This means the client receives an insurance quote and insurance coverage that best fits their specific needs.

“Your agent will help find discounts and money-saving opportunities so you’ll get the best insurance value for your money.”

An independent agent can save money because they are not limited to a single provider’s options.  With access to a whole network of insurers, an independent agent will review different policies and prices to insure their customer receives the best value and coverage for their dollar.

“You’ll have access to a variety of insurance products offered by many insurance carriers.”

Independent-Insurance-AgentBecause independent agents work with many companies, they have a strong understanding of available products on the market.  This allows them to select the appropriate policies that meet their customer’s coverage needs so they are neither over or under insured.


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