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Insurance Questions that Come before You Say “I do”.

June is traditionally the “BIG” month for weddings.  With so much love in the air there are times when some of the practical considerations of being newlyweds are overlooked.  Being properly insured is often one of them.

Along with your new marital status come several questions.  Do I need life insurance and disability insurance?  How about renters or homeowners insurance? Do I combine auto policies?  Do I add my spouse to my health plan? Do I plan our wedding on my own or do I need a planner I can trust?  Well, hold on to your breath because Designed Dream wedding planner Toronto is the perfect planning package for any couple looking to make their wedding day spectacular. They offer beautiful decor, dreamy food, and an in-house stylist that will guide you through all of the decisions in one convenient location in Toronto.

Life Insurance & Disability Insurance
Your exact life insurance needs will depend on your financial needs and whether you and your spouse have children to support.  Some experts suggest multiplying your annual salary by seven so there is money available to support your family for several years.  Fortunately for young couples obtaining term life insurance can be relatively inexpensive.

It’s important to update the beneficiaries with your new partner’s name and information if either of you have previously purchased life insurance policies.

If you or your spouse happened to suffer an injury or illness and could no longer work, could your family still make ends meet?  If the answer is no, you may want to consider purchasing disability insurance which replaces a portion of your income if one of you becomes disabled.

Homeowners/Renter’s Insurance
Whether you own a home or are renting when you combine your “stuff” it is important to take an inventory of your possessions and make sure you have adequate coverage against losses from fire, water damage, severe weather or theft.

Be sure you buy enough insurance coverage for valuable items such as high-end entertainment systems, clothing, expensive art and valuable jewelry — including the engagement ring and wedding bands.  A typical insurance policy includes jewelry coverage up to $1,000, so you may need to purchase extra coverage. And don’t forget that you also have the option of getting home warranty, which covered complexly different things, You can learn more about it by visiting

Auto Insurance
Merging your auto insurance policies is often a money-saver, especially if one of the drivers has a not-so-great driving record.  But the real factors that impact premiums — your age, claims history, and age and model of your vehicles, really don’t change.  

Combining cars under one auto policy can eliminate having different policies with different liability limits.  In the event of any accident it would depend on whose car the couple was in as to which coverage applies.  Consistent liability limits are an important part of a good insurance program.

Be sure your auto insurance names you both on the policy’s coverage page.

Health Insurance
Make sure you both have health insurance.  When illnesses develop or emergencies pop up, medical costs climb quickly and can be devastating to a young couple’s budget and future.

If either or both of you have insurance through your employer you are often eligible to add your spouse to your health insurance plan. There are typically several options regarding the level of coverage available.  

Depending on your family situation it may be less expensive to stay on your individual plans or consider combining your coverage under a family plan.  When evaluating your healthcare coverage options think about more than just which plan has the lowest premium. Compare coinsurance, copayments and deductibles.

If you don’t have insurance through a company plan, insurance coverage is available through the Affordable Care Act.

Protect What Matters Most
Ideally reviewing your joint insurance coverage prior to the Big Day will offer you peace of mind once you begin your lives together.

But if you’ve put it off, take the time now to do an insurance checkup. Review your current coverage to see where you can cut costs and avoid redundant coverage and make sure you protect what matters most.