When Severe Weather Hits … Are You Prepared?

During the summer months severe weather in our part of the country tends to come in two forms … tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Every year people are killed or seriously injured by tornadoes and severe thunderstorms despite advance warning. Paying attention to these warnings is important to ensure your family is ready when dangerous weather […]

When Celebrating, Make Sure You Are Safe

Fireworks are a traditional means of celebrating the 4th of July.  Each year around this holiday thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks. Fireworks Can Be Dangerous Despite the dangers of fireworks, few people understand the associated risks of using them.  Common injuries include burns to the hands […]

Preventing Job Related Injuries Is Good Business

Every day, 12 workers are killed on the job* and more than 9,000 workers suffer a serious job-related injury. This includes falls from scaffold platforms, being struck by objects, roadway incidents involving moving vehicles, and repetitive motion injuries. Preventing injuries on the job is in everyone’s best interests … the employer and the employee.  To […]

Prepping Your Home for Spring Break … Or how to keep your home safe when you are away.

Spring break and summer vacations are just around the corner.  Families look forward to getting-away after being stuck inside all winter or just venturing off to some fun destination. 9 Out of 10 Break-Ins are Preventable A house or apartment left empty while its owners are traveling is a tempting target for criminals. According to […]

The Mitchell Agency Advantage

Every business, regardless of the industry, seeks to set itself apart from their competition.  This is an important step in determining what to communicate to your potential customers and why individuals choose who they buy from or whose services they use.  Key competitive differentiators are often technology, price, claims of outstanding service or quality, location, […]

Why is Insurance Important?

Very little in life is certain other than “death and taxes”.  So when comes to protecting your assets, providing for your family, and contending with the uncertainties of life, insurance becomes a big part in how we are prepared to “protect our futures”. Visit a place like www.lifecoverquotes.org.uk for additional info. Insurance Comes In Many Forms […]